Personalized Real Estate Webpage

la-photo1Your Own Personalized Real Estate Webpage

Your Personalized Real Estate Web page will Include:

  • You can keep track of listings
  • Share Listings
  • Compare Listings
  • Interactive Photos and Map
  • Send me messages
  • Keep track of listings you like or dislike

Welcome to your Customer Portal. The Portal is a personalized webpage to help you keep track of listings.

Getting Started with Your Customer Portal

Managing Listings – To look at listings, click on any search name in the Searches and Reports panel. The listings will appear on a page that is organized by tabs.

Click on the tabs to look at different information about the listings. Share, print and save listings using the function buttons on the top left viewing panel.

List tab – this tab shows all of the listings in a group. Compare listings easily here. Click on the smiley face icons to mark listings as Favorites, Possibilities and Rejects (if you reject a listing, it will be hidden from your searches). Listings with a star are those I have recommended.

Detail tab – here, you’ll see a more detailed listing report. If you’d like, you can also use a Mortgage Calculator on the Detail tab.

Photos tab – look at all of the photos for a listing here. Click on the arrows to navigate through the photos. You can use the arrow buttons on the screen, or the arrow keys on your keyboard. The double arrow button in the bottom left corner will launch a full screen photo slideshow.

Map tab – plot the listings on a map here. You can move the map around and zoom in to get a better look. Click on the Driving Directions link to open the location in Google maps where you can get detailed driving directions.

Messages tab – here, send me messages about properties, I’ll respond, and our conversations about individual listing will be visible on the Messages tab, or you can look at all of our conversations on the Portal Home page.